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We live in an increasingly globalized world. So much so that it is now become a cliché to say so, yet it is true nevertheless. The days when businesses in Europe, in the Americas, in Africa, and those in Asia, could afford to ignore each other are long gone. The idea that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane on the opposite side of the world may be a fanciful idea in meteorology, but it has become a living reality in the world of commerce and industry. We are surely interdependent as never before.

Behind this globalization there is a brave new world of technology. The convergence of computing and communications technologies is both driving globalization forward, and yet also being driven by it.

But in this world of sci-fi-made-everyday the most important element is neither technological nor new, it is what it always has been since cavemen invented bartering; people.

The challenges may be new, as indeed are the opportunities, but we still depend on humans communicating with each other, and always will.

That’s where we come in. Pensbury House is a specialist consultancy in business communications.

We offer:

  • Training
  • Presentations
  • English editing (for writers whose mother-tongue is not English)
  • Writing
  • Voice-over
  • PowerPoint preparation and editing and production
  • Editorial services for the web, print, and new media
  • and, indeed, advice and consultation on any aspect of business communications. 

Training Presentations English editing Writing Voice-over New media

To find out more, to seek our advice, or just to ask a question, without any obligation, send us an email, or give us a call.

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